QmedRx: Specializing in Home Pharmacy Care

QmedRx: Specializing in Home Pharmacy CareQmedRx is a specialized home pharmacy that meets needs for a variety of patients. Through its services, patients are able to obtain the medication that they need in a convenient way. The pharmacy is licensed in 44 states and is contracted with several leading insurance providers to accommodate patients. Since 1990, this pharmacy has enhanced its services to better serve clientele. This includes in-depth customer service options and medical advice.

Six Specialties

This home pharmacy is a leader in patient care in six specific areas. Through this focused attention, QmedRx is able to give patients the best treatment options possible. This means communication with physicians to tailor the medication to each person and adjust it as needed. Individual treatment solutions are explored for every patient and customized to each situation. The six areas of specialty include:

  • Compounded Medications – Sometimes a mass-manufactured drug simply does not work for every patient. The medication may contain an allergen or off-putting flavor, making it ineffective for some who are prescribed to it. The dosage can also cause problems or a specific medication may not have availability in the prescription marketplace. This is when compounded medications are necessary. Made from scratch, these types of medication are prescribed by a physician and filled by the pharmacy’s team of experts.
  • Lyme Disease – If detected early, Lyme disease is treated with antibiotics and often wiped out. Left untreated, it can have damaging effects on even the most active people. For over ten years, this pharmacy has worked with patients of Lyme disease and is well-versed on the current issues surrounding this disease. Insurance benefits are reviewed by the knowledgeable staff and the information is passed along to patients. This company combines its expertise and outstanding customer service in order to get patients treated affordably and effectively.
  • Sinus Care – Disorders of the sinus are some of the most frustrating and difficult to treat. Over 30 million people deal with chronic rhinosinusitis. Along with surgeries, topical nasal treatments are usually recommended for patients. With the right treatment, surgical scarring and inflammation is reduced in the sinus cavity. This home pharmacy offers an array of these treatments to help physicians customize results for patients.
  • Podiatry – Patients who suffer diabetic wounds or are recovering from amputations can do so at home with the help of QmedRx. Treating infections through intravenous options means better, more effective care for patients. Pharmacists work with physicians to develop a course of treatment that works best for each individual case. For patients who have allergies or other complications with mass produced drugs, compounded medications are also available. Podiatry medical options that have the ability for administration at home improve a patient’s health and outlook on life.
  • Wound Care – The skin wounds that many elderly patients suffer are difficult to get rid of and lead to discomfort and pain. With the proper treatment plan, patients that have suffered from limited mobility can begin to have their chronic wounds granulating, and on a pathway to recovery. This means less suffering for homebound patients and a better quality of life. The pharmacists will work with each individual case to put together the best wound care treatment options.
  • Nutrition – Providing patients with nutritional support is common for those treated at home. The pharmacists at QmedRx work with physicians on a customized treatment plan for patients in need of nutritional help. The pharmacists collaborate with the physicians in monitoring the nutritional levels of patients and making adjustments. Properly absorbing the correct amount of electrolytes, protein and vitamins leads to faster healing of wounds.

QmedRx: Customized Care for Patients

In the pharmaceutical industry, the “one size fits all” approach is often taken. This means that one mass produced medication is assumed to work for every patient that takes it. This is not always feasible, however, as individuals vary in how they react to certain drugs. Finding customized solutions to medical issues is the way to ensure patients have the best care and quality of life. This home pharmacy provides those options to patients through six areas of specialty.

Many times, the best option for patients is the use of customized compounded medications. These are specialized medications that are made on a patient-by-patient basis through the pharmacy’s compounding facility. Physicians who seek out this option for patients do so for a variety of reasons. Some factors are a patient’s allergies or possibly the taste of a particular drug that is needed for a child. In many cases, the patient may need a specific strength or dosage that is not commercially available.

Having the ability to customize medications is an important step in the healing process for many patients. Working with this home pharmacy is an easy way for physicians to accomplish any compounded medications task. Physicians simply submit a prescription order like they would at a retail pharmacy and it is filled by the skilled pharmacy staff. Pharmacists communicate with the physician to ensure that the specifics of the order are filled correctly. Through the use of customized compounded care, physicians have access to better treatments for their patients.

After receiving an order, the pharmacists get to work using bulk materials to prepare the medication. This includes use of the pharmacy’s state-of-the-art compounding facility and cutting-edge pharmaceutical technology. Once the prescription is filled, it is sent to the patient through a temperature controlled shipping process. A nurse is available by phone to answer any questions that patients may have regarding their medication. Patients are encouraged to call if they have any concerns about the medication that they receive.

QmedRx provides a valuable service for physicians who want the best care for their patients. The home care pharmacy makes treatment of several ailments more convenient through its accessible options. Physicians can call on QmedRx to fill customized compounded medication prescriptions when patients need individualized care. The company also specializes in treatment options for Lyme disease, wound care, podiatry, sinus care and nutrition. QmedRx is a physician’s answer to customized options for patients at an individual level.

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